Recommendations for ensuring success in a virtual job interview

April 14, 2020

In order to be successful in a virtual job interview, writes Berlin M Louis Jr, you must control what you can. While the hiring process has numerous influential factors that are out of the control of the applicant, the author provides 3 recommendations for managing the factors that can be controlled. Specifically, Louis Jr advises applicants to dress their best for the Skype or Zoom job interview, convey enthusiasm about the role and the ways you could contribute to the department you’re applying to, and anticipate for and prepare for the interview questions. Louis Jr adds that interviewees should always send a follow-up email thanking them for the opportunity. “Some of these tidbits of advice may seem like common sense to certain readers,” concludes the author, “but many of you would be surprised and shocked at how many candidates fail to prepare for interviews.” Inside Higher Ed