Record-breaking swimmer marks a win for Canadian university sports: CBC

July 31, 2017

Kylie Masse's landmark swim in the 100-metre backstroke at the world aquatics championships in Budapest, Hungary, is a win for all of Canadian university sports, report CBC. Masse, a current kinesiology student at the University of Toronto, is part of the cohort of Canadian university athletes who comprise a full 25% of the current Canadian senior swim team competing in Budapest, a list that also includes Yuri Kisil of the University of British Columbia. “One of the special things about Kylie, to me, is that she is home grown,” said one of her coaches, Byron MacDonald, who heads up the University of Toronto swimming team. “She remained in Canada for university and made her giant strides on the world stage because of the swim program at the University of Toronto. While receiving less glamour than their NCAA counterparts, the Canadian university swim program constantly produces top athletes.” CBC