Redeemer adopts new strategic plan to meet shifts in PSE landscape

January 8, 2015

Redeemer University College has adopted a new strategic plan that is designed to help the institution respond to what it describes as “major shifts in the educational landscape.” The Redeemer 2020 plan includes the launch of a new Centre for Experiential Learning, as well as the creation of a new major in Media and Communications Studies. Redeemer will also revise a number of existing programs, with some facing restructuring or possible elimination. The plan calls for a review of the school’s core curriculum and a new marketing and communications strategy designed to increase Redeemer’s presence in its “impact markets” as well as in non-traditional markets. “As a relatively small university, we need to and can be responsive to our environment. We need to adapt without changing the heart of who we are,” said Redeemer President Hubert Krygsman. Redeemer News Release