Reflections on the past and future of Canada's universities

October 8, 2009

The latest edition of AUCC's University Affairs is now online, and celebrating its 50th anniversary. Historian Alan MacEachern reflects on Canadian university education in the 1950s, and the "great boom" of construction and enrolment that followed, across Canada. Alex Usher speculates about the next 25 years, predicting 20% cuts in government funding, rising tuition in Quebec, increasingly outcome-focused credentials and qualifications frameworks elsewhere in the world, escalating use of adjunct faculty and standardized open courseware, and the rise of truly global universities, including an offshore "University of Canada." Patrick Phillips forecasts the demise of the physical university campus, which he sees as fiscally untenable and environmentally unfriendly, and the transformation of teaching and learning through adaptive technology and diverse teaching and assessment approaches.  University Affairs  |  MacEachern  |  Usher  |  Phillips