Regent College launches new website

April 11, 2012

Regent College has unveiled a new-look website, whose redesign involved focusing the message on the core audience -- the future graduate school student. The VP of external relations at the UBC-affiliated Christian graduate school says user testing and strategic enrolment management became critical factors in the redesign project, and, given the rise of mobile usage, Regent chose to develop a responsive website rather than create a separate mobile platform. The homepage features 4 videos that provide an introduction to the institution. Separated under the themes of "cultivate," "intelligent," "joyful," and "vigorous," the videos feature students discussing their experience at Regent and how it has shaped their identities, their relationships with each other and with professors, and life in Vancouver. Although the site is primarily geared toward prospective students, Regent also engaged current students in the research process to develop a tool that functionally meets all their needs. Regent College News | Regent College website