Reopening postsecondary institutions safely: Opinion

December 2, 2020
Postsecondary institutions must address safety challenges and risk mitigation using a variety of approaches as campuses reopen in 2021, write Karen Robinson and Anthony Rotoli. The authors provide four guiding principles that can help postsecondary institutions reopen safely. The article explains how including a COVID-19 addition on a campus code of conduct and enforcing clear consequences can set standards for students and maintain a safe environment. The authors write that institutions should structure committees and task forces in a way that will ensure that bureaucracy will not impede action. Additionally, the article describes how technology should be used to manage the process of opening campuses safely. “It is vital to look closely at campus policies and compliance processes, monitor and communicate with your campus communities to help mitigate risk and drive compliance,” write the authors. Inside Higher Ed (International)