Report explores learning in a mobile Ontario

January 16, 2013

Yesterday OCAD University released a report that lays out a 5-year Mobile Action Plan to improve productivity, competitiveness, and public services in Ontario. Among the areas explored is education. At the PSE level, electronic learning (e-learning) and mobile learning (m-learning) will be fundamental means to allow students to move between institutions with learning resources in the cloud and on their devices, help students pace their education more effectively and condense their time to completion, and enable experiential learning via enriched work placement and service-learning experiences supervised by mentors or professors in a remote location. The report notes PSE enrolment is expected to increase in the next 10 years, then return to 2003-06 levels by 2024. The study says m-learning allows PSE institutions to respond to fluctuations in enrolment without applying pressure on capital resources or needing investments in physical infrastructure that will be underused when enrolment levels decline. OCAD News Release | Executive Summary | Full Report | Mobile Learning Backgrounder