Report recommends doubling number of international students choosing Canada by 2022

August 14, 2012

Yesterday the federal government released the final report from the expert advisory panel to Canada's international education strategy. The panel recommends that the strategy should seek to double the number of full-time international students, to more than 450,000, by 2022. The report also suggests the creation of an international mobility program for Canadian students, serving 50,000 students annually by 2022. Other recommendations include making internationalizing education in Canada a strategic component of official federal policies and plans, increasing marketing of Canada's brand, branding Canada through scholarships for international undergraduate students, developing an e-communication system to serve as a national portal for international students interested in education in Canada, and improving education visa processing to provide consistent and timely processing of high-quality candidates. International Trade News Release | Report | AUCC News Release | CBIE News Release | CCIEM News Release | Polytechnics Canada News Release