Report recommends reducing university enrolments and increasing focus on colleges, polytechnics

April 1, 2015

In order to best serve students and the Canadian economy, university enrolment should be cut by 30% and more focus should be directed towards colleges and polytechnics, writes Ken Coates in a report commissioned by the Canadian Council for Chief Executives (CCCE). Career ready: Towards a national strategy for the mobilization of Canadian potential looks at the imbalances in Canada’s education system, determining that the status quo is not benefitting Canadians. Coates says short-term thinking by schools and policy-makers combined with a bias against “blue-collar” work is to blame for the current situation. Coates makes several recommendations to move Canada’s workforce forward, including improved career information and advice, re-prioritization of applied learning for many students, promoting enrolment in high-demand, career-ready programs, establishing competency frameworks for a range of sectors and occupations, and encouraging entrepreneurship. CBC | Full Report