Report sheds light on US data on higher ed ROI

February 26, 2014

A new report from the US-based Urban Institute examined data related to the benefits of PSE, finding that although it is clear that those with a PSE degree are likely to make more money on average over their working lives, it is important to remember that outcomes vary widely depending on types of credentials and area of study. According to the report, “there is not one simple answer to the question of the value of a [PSE degree]—even if we focus only on the monetary value. Different definitions and different measures lead to different results. Acknowledging that not all postsecondary paths are productive for all students (and that some are productive for very few) helps put the stories of unfortunate but atypical students into perspective.” The report also cautions that when analysing data regarding the long-term earning potentials of graduates, one must consider that there are no guarantees that the labour market will treat young workers today in the same way it treated workers in the past. Chronicle of Higher Education | Report