Research funding awarded to uWaterloo up nearly 10%

January 8, 2010

As measured by the University of Waterloo, in 2008-09, the instituion's research revenue totalled $144,089,362, up 9.6% from the previous year. uWaterloo's vice-president of university research says it's very hard to make a prediction for 2009-10, but he is confident the total will rise again, as the university is highly competitive. Last year, uWaterloo laid claim to nearly 5% of the $863-million made available by NSERC, putting the school in fifth place behind uToronto, UBC, uAlberta, and McGill. By 2017, uWaterloo's Sixth Decade plan promises, the university will increase research revenue to 50% of the operating budget from the current level of 30%. uWaterloo Daily Bulletin