Researcher's op-ed calls on university presidents to support concussion research

December 16, 2014

In an op-ed for the Globe and Mail, sports medicine specialist Paul Echlin calls on Canada’s universities to do more to support concussion research. Echlin cites the numerous studies that have been released in recent years demonstrating the risks associated with concussion, especially in contact sports such as football and hockey. However, Echlin claims that universities have at times been uncooperative when it comes to moving forward with vital research. He says that university leadership has not done enough to engage with researchers who want to work with student athletes and, as a result, initiatives like the Hockey Concussion Education Project (HECP), which involved 9 Canadian universities and 425 student athletes, have not received the support that they need to best protect the health of university students. In closing, Echlin calls on university presidents to support HECP by agreeing to “a simple change in hockey”—shifting to five-on-five play instead of six-on-six—that he and other researchers believe could help make the game safer. Globe and Mail