Retailer selling look-alike of trademarked StFX ring

August 30, 2013

Nova Scotia’s St. Francis Xavier University has requested that clothing store Forever 21 stop selling rings that closely resemble the iconic “X” rings that St. FX alumni wear. Although the Forever 21 rings come in a 2 pack, with one ring donning an “X” and the other an “O,” the one with the “X” printed on it is the one the university is concerned about. According to Cindy MacKenzie, manager of communications and marketing for St. FX, the X ring has been trademarked for years. MacKenzie says St. FX contacted the franchise last week to make them aware of the situation and to request that the rings be taken off store shelves immediately. The gold rings from St. FX cost about $1,000 each. The Forever 21 rings cost $5.80 for the 2 pack. Forever 21 does not currently have a retail store in Nova Scotia, but plans to open one in Dartmouth this fall. CBC

Update: Sept 12, 2013

Clothing store Forever 21 has pulled off its shelves rings that resemble the iconic “X” rings worn by St. Francis Xavier University alumni, after a social media backlash by former students. “We would like to thank Forever 21 for their prompt cooperation,” said Cindy MacKenzie, Manager of Communications and Marketing for StFX. CBC