Rise in Canadian international enrolments goes well beyond “Trump Effect,” say experts

July 10, 2017

Canada would still be seeing its record number of international postsecondary enrolments this year if Hilary Clinton had won the US election. That is the message being put forward by many Canadian experts in international student recruitment. These experts argue that Canada’s low currency, welcoming immigration policies, and streamlined visa processing are the key forces behind the country’s skyrocketing international enrolments. The PIE News reports that while China continues to be the country’s largest source country, India and Vietnam saw the biggest rise in representation in 2016, with the number of Indian students climbing 57% and the number of Vietnamese students climbing 55% over just one year. While experts admit that some of the impact might have come from the election of Donald Trump, they add that Canadian institutions cannot count on this effect for long. The PIE News