Rogers declines to renew broadcast contract for OUA football

August 26, 2014

Rogers will not renew its broadcast contract for Ontario University Athletics (OUA) football. The OUA’s contract with Sportsnet 360 lapsed after last season, and the network declined to renew it citing high production costs and small audiences. “Even our biggest properties with the biggest rights fees, our cost per viewer to deliver those would be somewhere in the 5- to 10-cent range. The cost to produce a [Canadian university] football game and have 28,000 people watch is about $3 [per viewer],” said Sportsnet President Scott Moore. “At some point you’ve got to go to where the viewers are.” OUA Executive Director Bryan Crawford, however, says hockey is to blame. Rogers was awarded a $5.2-B broadcast contract with the NHL, which according to Crawford means that the network plans to cover more hockey at the expense of other sports. Regular-season football games will continue to air on the OUA website. However, Crawford said that “being back on television and having that increased visibility is absolutely a priority for the organization.” The Record