Royal Roads to offer virtual tours of campus, classes

November 14, 2014

Victoria’s Royal Roads University will offer prospective students a new way to tour campus. As part of its Future View campaign, Royal Roads will enable people to tour the campus grounds and experience what a lecture would be like through the eyes of a current student. “We wanted to give people a sense of what we actually do here at Royal Roads and it’s really hard to talk about experiential education in a print ad or even to get people to understand how beautiful the campus is,” said Royal Roads’ Director of Marketing Catherine Riggins. The university gave Google Glass and GoPro cameras to representatives who will stream across the Internet what they see, hear, and do. Between November 18 and 21, representatives will attend lectures, go on walking tours, and hold question-and-answer sessions with professors. The videos will be broadcast live and archived on Royal Roads’ YouTube channel. Riggins said that should the campaign go viral, it could have significant international reach. “I hope this will give prospects a glimpse into what we do, and I hope it gives them a sense of how we are different from a traditional university,” she said. Times-Colonist