RRC, Frontiers North Adventures unveil new electric Tundra Buggy

August 26, 2021
Red River College and Frontiers North Adventures have unveiled the new electric Tundra Buggy that was created through their partnership. The Tundra Buggy will replace Frontiers North Adventures’ diesel-powered tundra buggy, lowering the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and giving guests a silent touring experience. The Tundra Buggy uses a recycled e-bus battery and will be charged with local hydroelectric power. “The EV Tundra Buggy project is a quintessential made-in-Manitoba story — it has links to conservation, tourism, and environmental stewardship, highlighting the ability of industry partnerships to create positive impact in Manitoba, for Manitobans, through reducing environmental impact and benefitting our local economy,” said RRC President Fred Meier. Winnipeg Sun | Winnipeg Free Press (MB)