RRC president refutes CBC report

April 29, 2014

Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth has refuted allegations made in a recent CBC report regarding the college’s finances and staff departures. The report contended that the college was facing a $2-million deficit as well as a “mass exodus” of employees. Forsyth writes in her personal blog that the CBC story included erroneous information. The deficit figure, Forsyth says, was derived from a mid-year forecast; since that point in time, she says, the deficit gap has been closed and the college is on track for a balanced budget. Forsyth also clarifies that the CBC report “mischaracterized” a number of salary figures, broadcasting total compensation figures for 5 positions and representing them as salaries paid for 2 executive positions. Forsyth also says that claims of a “mass exodus” of people from the College were exaggerated and that the number of arrivals and departures is typical of an organization of RRC’s size. Stephanie Forsyth | Winnipeg Free Press| CBC