RRC student who suffered attack during work placement says she was not properly prepared

June 16, 2016

A Red River College student has accused a behavioural health centre of putting her in harm’s way after she was attacked during a work placement, reports CBC. Jackie Healey was reportedly left 99% percent blind in one eye after being beaten by residents at the Behavioural Health Foundation (BHF) centre in Selkirk, Manitoba. The student later told CBC that she could not recall receiving any instructions from either her college or BHF staff about how to respond to physical aggression. “Nobody told me, ‘If this happens or that happens—this is what you do,’” said Healey. “I'm still so new to it I didn't realize how dangerous it was.” Healey added that she wants to complete her program in child and youth care at RRC, but plans to focus on recovering for the time being. CBC