RSC issues position paper on importance of research in Canada

October 8, 2014

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) has published a position paper addressing the importance of research to bolster Canada’s role in the world knowledge economy. The RSC says that it is “concerned that [Canada is] in danger of slipping behind our competitors in our support of research and thereby losing our competitive edge.” Research, the paper says, is a critical driver of prosperity; without adequate investment, Canada will fall behind other nations. Already, the RSC says, Canadian spending on research and development as a percentage of GDP risks falling behind that of nations like China. The RSC urges a broad research program that incorporates both basic and applied research as mutually reinforcing forms of inquiry. The paper recommends an increase in research funding in Canada to match the average level of OECD and G8 countries, and advises the government to develop a 10-year plan for research, innovation, and skill development, to be created in consultation with the academic and business communities. The paper also urges Canada to “establish a more extensive and more diverse system for providing expert advice at all levels.” RSC News Release | Full Paper