Ryerson’s new Student Learning Centre now open

February 26, 2015

Ryerson University this week celebrated the opening of its new Student Learning Centre, a 155,000-square-foot, $112 million “library of the 21st century.” The building’s first week will be a soft launch; it is open to students, but technology is still being installed and tested and not all offices and services are fully operative. “As a 21st century library, the Student Learning Centre provides a congenial space for not just acquiring knowledge but creating knowledge. It will be a crucial hub in Ryerson’s network of digitally enhanced learning,” said Chief Librarian Madeleine Lefebvre. The new Centre features a café and casual seating on the first floor, as well as a bridge to the Ryerson Library tower. The upper floors consist of group work rooms equipped with WiFi, white boards, and LCD screens, communal areas with flexible seating, an entire floor of quiet space, and the Digital Media Experience (DME) Lab where students can access digital media equipment and new technologies. The building also boasts 3 green roofs and a temperature-moderating glass exterior. The Centre is located where the iconic Sam the Record Man store once stood at Yonge and Gould. Ryerson News | Metro News