Ryerson’s School of Journalism temporarily removes “Ryerson” from magazine name

February 26, 2021
Ryerson University’s School of Journalism’s magazine, previously known as the Ryerson Review of Journalism, has announced that it will temporarily be removing “Ryerson” from its name. The school of journalism will be reviewing the use of Egerton Ryerson’s name, given the founder’s role in influencing the creation of Canada’s residential school system. The magazines will be known as the () Review of Journalism, the Review, or the () RJ until the end of the winter semester. “The Review’s mission is to probe the quality of journalism in Canada,” the masthead said in a written statement. “One of the central tenets of our mission is to ‘foster critical thinking about, and accountability within, the industry.’ This means we must also foster critical thinking and accountability within our own publication.” The Star (CP) (ON)