Ryerson donors hesitate, go quiet in face of name change debate

July 2, 2021
The Star reports that Ryerson University donors are reconsidering donating or making their donations public due to the controversy around Ryerson’s name. The article says that some donors have indicated that Ryerson’s response to changing its name will affect their future generosity, with some donors calling for Ryerson to change its name and some asking that Ryerson keep its name. “Some have said that, until we change the name of the university, or decide to retain the name of the university, ‘I’m going to sit on the sidelines,’” said Ian Mishkel, VP of university advancement and alumni relations. Mishkel also notes that though the university’s overall donation revenue has not been notably impacted, some donors are hesitant to associate their brands with Ryerson and have opted to donate without an enthusiastic press release. The Star (ON)