Ryerson engineering students face discipline over half-naked slush crawl

March 25, 2013

A Ryerson University engineering tradition has drawn criticism after a video of scantily dressed students crawling through slush was posted on YouTube. Engineering students say Ryerson president Sheldon Levy is overreacting by likening an annual Ryerson Engineering Student Society (RESS) event to a form of hazing. Levy called the event "completely unacceptable" and not representative of the "principles of civil society, and the positive and supportive culture of Ryerson." The RESS says the "voluntary" event builds school spirit, help engineering students bond, and even calling it an "initiation" is wrong. RESS's president does acknowledge that this year's event, which took place last Thursday, "started to get out of hand," and that "there are certain things that we know that happened that were clearly unacceptable." Ryerson leaders met with the RESS yesterday to discuss the incident and, depending on the meeting's outcome, some students could face discipline. Globe and Mail | Toronto Star

Postscript: Mar 27, 2013

Ryerson University engineering students have apologized for engaging in an event involving scantily clad participants crawling around in slush, and will not be punished for the event, which drew criticism from president Sheldon Levy. Students at Monday's meeting about the event proposed guidelines for future events to be approved by administration. Senior staff will work with students to recommend a risk-management plan. Toronto Star | Globe and Mail