Ryerson finds way to commemorate historic Toronto store

August 30, 2013

The City of Toronto has approved a Ryerson University plan to commemorate the historic Sam the Record Man store that was once housed on Yonge St. at Gould St., where Ryerson is constructing its new Student Learning Centre. Ryerson dropped its original plan to display the store’s historic neon sign on the new building due to several safety and economic concerns. The city has approved a revised plan to insert an image of the storefront sign into the sidewalk, featuring 2 discs and “SAM” 4 times in its distinct lettering. There will be explanatory text on the sidewalk and a plaque on the wall. Ryerson also plans to launch an online tribute to “Music on Yonge — celebrating 70 years of Sam’s” on a Ryerson-affiliated website. A Ryerson spokesperson says the university is working with the city to find the original neon sign “a new home.” National Post