Ryerson releases new academic plan

October 2, 2014

Ryerson University has released its new 5-year academic plan, "Our Time to Lead." The plan outlines Ryerson’s vision to “become Canada’s leading comprehensive innovation university,” and details Ryerson’s strengths in career-related and professional programs; diverse scholarly, research, and creative activities; and commitment to the health and wellbeing of the Ryerson community. The academic plan focuses on 4 key priorities: “Enable greater student engagement and success through exceptional experiences; Increase SRC (scholarly, research, and creative) excellence, intensity and impact; Foster an innovation ecosystem; and Expand community engagement and city building.” A set of 29 strategies supports the 4 priorities and provides guidance for local implementation of priorities. The plan also includes 14 values that together “serve as the foundation of the academic plan’s aspirations and priorities.” The values range from academic freedom and integrity to sustainability and inclusion. Ryerson News | Plan Overview | Executive Summary