Ryerson social media expert offers advice to PSE institutions

August 22, 2014

Hamza Khan, Coordinator of Ryerson University’s student affairs creative team, offers advice on how PSE institutions can implement an effective digital strategy to better reach students. Khan says that Ryerson took a unique approach by launching a digital community position within student affairs rather than within advancement, alumni relations, or recruitment. He describes Ryerson’s RU Student Life platform, which draws on the talents of social media and multimedia work-study students to create a voice that is perceived as students engaging other students. “The voice,” Khan says, “is authentic, genuine and relatable.” He says that a key piece of the program’s value is the 2-way channel it provides, which allows the university to gather valuable information that can inform strategic initiatives. Khan notes that in spite of the success of Ryerson’s initiatives, he recognizes that not all initiatives—like their Facebook strategy—have worked out as he had hoped. He also points out the importance of keeping an eye on up and coming apps like Whisper and Yo, which he says are not mainstream yet but are heavily used by 13–17-year-olds. University Affairs