Ryerson student group defends exclusion of non-racialized students

March 18, 2015

A student group at Ryerson University is under fire for refusing entry to an event to 2 student journalists because they weren’t “racialized.” The 2 students were attempting to attend a public meeting of the Racialised Students’ Collective as part of an assignment for a journalism class. An organizer approached the pair and asked if they had ever been marginalized or racialized, and indicated that the meeting was only for those who had. “The poster [advertising the meeting] didn’t suggest that it was anything other than a public meeting, so that’s my concern when you start being selective about who can who can’t come into a public space,” said Anne McNeilly, an associate professor in Ryerson’s School of Journalism. McNeilly added that it was especially concerning that journalists had been refused entry to a public meeting. Rajean Hoilett, President of the Ryerson Students’ Union and a member of the Racialised Students Collective, defended the action, saying it was necessary in order to keep group members comfortable. National Post