Ryerson students campaign for more gender-neutral washrooms

February 13, 2015

Ryerson University's Trans Collective, a student group that represents transgender students, is calling on the institution to provide an equal number of male, female, and all-gender bathrooms. "We believe that using a bathroom is a human right. Many buildings on campus have only male and female bathrooms, which transgender people don't necessarily feel comfortable using," said Trans Collective Coordinator Star Harwood-Jones. Harwood-Jones said that Trans Collective has reached out to university administration about the issue, but is growing frustrated with the rate of progress. The group hopes to see all-gender bathrooms added to high-traffic areas such as the Student Campus Centre and the Victoria Building by the end of the year. Ryerson currently has 43 unisex bathrooms; a committee has been convened to produce recommendations in response to students' concerns. Metro News