's Warning

February 16, 2007

The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has responded to public complaints by the Chinese government against Canada’s private colleges. About a third of the students of Canadian private post-secondaries come from either China or South Korea, who is also cautioning students about the Canadian experience.  Changes under the new Private Career Colleges Act include the set up of a training completion assurance fund by 2009 that will provide either refund or further training to students if a school closes suddenly. Private career colleges will also be barred from collecting more than 25% of fees upfront and to hold the fees of visa students in a trust until they begin studies.  China published a warning notice on its national website December citing complaints of substandard programs, lax regulation and lack of support for students victimized by colleges.  Schools in Vancouver and Toronto were particularly blamed.  The notice makes statements such as “Some schools are housed in one storey with only a few classrooms, and courses they promised are not offered.  Trying to get a refund is almost impossible.” The Toronto Star