Saskatchewan advanced ed minister criticized over handling of college merger problems

April 13, 2011

Saskatchewan's NDP advanced education critic says he was shocked by Advanced Education Minister Rob Norris' handling of the revelation that Glen Kobussen, who was appointed to lead Carlton Trail Regional College and St. Peter's College as they attempted to merge, had a criminal record for fraud. The governing Saskatchewan Party knew in May 2010 about Kobussen's record. While Norris says he thought at the time it was "profoundly unsavoury," he acknowledges the province did nothing in response to the knowledge. The NDP's critic says Norris "needs to take responsibility. He knew about this, he knew about the problems and did nothing." Last month the government announced the merger would not be allowed after a review raised concerns over college governance and leadership issues, prompting further investigation. Kobussen was terminated by Carlton Trail and placed on administrative leave from St. Peter's. Saskatoon Star-Phoenix