Sault College partners with Collège Boréal to move peace and conflict studies program to Toronto

September 23, 2014

Sault College has announced that it will move its peace and conflict studies program to Toronto; in addition, it has signed an MOU with Collège Boréal to offer a French delivery option for the program. Sault President Ron Common said that moving the program to Toronto will provide students with “access to a wider array of related global activities, advocacy work, social movements, and peace organizations. The opportunities to partner with like-minded individuals are significant.” The MOU specifies a 5-year partnership, but Sault College Director of Marketing and Communications Susan Hunter said that there is “hope of continuing collaborations thereafter … Management teams at both of the northern colleges recognize a unique partnership opportunity for Ontario’s 2 premier colleges in offering strong postsecondary peace education programming.” Sault’s peace and conflict studies diploma program is reportedly the only one of its kind in Ontario. Sault Star