Sault SMA emphasizes practical learning, support for Aboriginal learners

September 10, 2014

The strategic mandate agreement (SMA) between Sault College and Ontario emphasizes as the institution’s key areas of differentiation its focus on regional needs; its focus on niche programming including health, environmental studies, and pilot training; and its attentiveness to future technologies and needs. According to the SMA, Sault’s institutional strengths include its collaboration with community partners, its provision of authentic work experience and specialized training, and its active Applied Research Centre. The SMA notes the variety of education delivery methods offered by Sault, emphasizing that practical learning is infused in all programming. The college is also cited for its support for community-based learning, industry partnerships, and its mandatory Global Citizenship course. The SMA also mentions Sault’s strength in serving Aboriginal learners, with Aboriginal students making up 20.3% of total enrolment. The college also serves a significant number of students with disabilities and first-generation students. The agreement identifies 5 proposed program areas for growth: aerospace, engineering technology, health sciences, applied arts, and native education. Sault SMA