Schools implementing mandatory Indigenous content must do so with care, says uSask professor

January 14, 2016

While the mandating of Indigenous content across all curricula is an important development in some PSE institutions, writes Adam Gaudry, decision-makers will need to think long and hard about how to ensure this effort achieves its goals. Gaudry is Métis and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Indigenous Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, and he points out that Indigenous content requirements have been in place at uSask for a long time. According to Gaudry, the difference is in the application of requirements across all of a university’s faculties and departments. To help achieve the desired goals, Gaudry recommends that universities pursue three key components of implementation: a clear rationale for mandating Indigenous content, a critical mass of experts in the area with sufficient job security, and support for existing programs that have already been doing this work for years.