Schools launch initiatives to promote student, community learning throughout pandemic

April 23, 2020

Higher ed institutions are continuing to implement creative learning initiatives for students, children, and the general public amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Students enrolled in Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Level 2 Bakery, Quality Foods, and Contemporary Cuisine picked up pre-packaged ingredients to create the dish for their final project. Students then took pictures of their creations and emailed them to the instructor for assessment. “When things changed rapidly, we quickly identified solutions and kept moving forward,” said Sask Polytech program head for the Culinary Arts program Paul Wheeler. Meanwhile, Western University’s Engineering Outreach has launched STEM @ Home, a program that will provide STEM activities for children from Kindergarten to Grade 8 for free, and Trent University has launched Trent Talks, an open and free online learning series to provide reliable and thought-provoking information about the COVID-19 pandemic to communities. Sask Polytech | Western | Trent (SK, ON)