Scientists outraged over changes to CIHR’s grant funding

December 5, 2014

Canadian scientists are alarmed at a recent decision by the governing council of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), which some say will force researchers to depend on resource industries for funding. The changes will reportedly cut in half the budgets of each of CIHR’s 13 research institutes, allocating the other half of the money into a common pool. According to the CBC, the institutes will need to compete against one another for money in the common pool, and scientists will be forced to find matching external funding. This latter provision is particularly troubling for researchers at the Institute for Aboriginal People’s Health. “Unfortunately for Aboriginal people, we don’t really have many organizations we can leverage with,” said Rod McCormick, BC Chair in Aboriginal Early Childhood Development at Thompson Rivers University. Scientists are also concerned that the changes will force the institutes to rely on industry partners, who may be the source of some health problems. CBC News