Scientists protest federal cuts to research

September 16, 2013

Canadian scientists held rallies in 17 cities across the country yesterday, calling for the federal government to stop making cuts to scientific research. The “Stand Up for Science” events were organized by the non-profit science advocacy group Evidence for Democracy. The group says that in recent years the government has made cuts to “many important” scientific institutions and shifted the focus towards commercialization of research at the expense of “more fundamental research.” The group wants the government to fund all research from basic to applied, use the best available research to make decisions, and support the open communication of publicly- funded science to the public. The federal government insists that it has given “unprecedented” support to science, investing $8 billion in research and development since taking office in 2006. In June of last year, scientists marched to Parliament Hill in a similar demonstration, which "mourned the death of evidence.” CBC