Scotiabank announces $500M ScotiaRISE program

January 15, 2021
Scotiabank has announced the creation of the ScotiaRISE program, which will help those considered disadvantaged to pursue postsecondary education and to advance in their careers. Scotiabank will invest $500M over ten years in the initiative, which will include supporting people from under-represented groups through funding and partnerships. Additionally, it will work with charities, non-profits, and community initiatives to provide students and new graduates with tools for financial success. “The importance of being resilient has been doubled and... it felt especially important to be investing in education, inclusion and employment for young people and for newcomers from marginalized groups,” said Dan Rees, Group Head, Canadian Banking at Scotiabank. “Now is the time to emphasize optimism and hope and inclusion.” Castanet | (National)