Seeking refugee status not "sunshine and roses" for Saudi students

August 15, 2018

An anonymous Saudi Arabian student living in Canada has told CBC he will consider seeking refugee status if Saudi Arabia follows through on its order for all Saudi students to leave the country. Applying for refugee status is not an unreasonable step for Saudi students at this juncture, according to Dalhousie University Professor Constance MacIntosh, and the success rate for Saudi refugee claims last year was "extremely high." However, immigration lawyer Elizabeth Wozniak explained that applying for refugee status can be a lengthy, and stressful process. "If you are here on a study permit, the first thing that happens when you make a refugee claim is you give up that study permit and you also give up your passport," said Wozniak. "So there's potentially an easier or less stressful way to do it than to put all of your eggs in the refugee basket." CBC