Selkirk planning multi-campus upgrades

February 24, 2014

Selkirk College is planning a $27-million upgrade to its Silver King campus in Nelson and its Castlegar campus. “What we’re proposing up at the Silver King campus is a fairly extensive renovation to primarily the shop space,” says Selkirk President Angus Graeme. “We don’t need a new trades building. It’s an excellent campus, an excellent site, but it does need some modernization.” The recently-tabled provincial budget pledged capital investments for trades training institutions, but didn’t mention Selkirk as one of the institutions that will be funded. However, Graeme says, “Just because Selkirk wasn’t mentioned by name in the budget, doesn’t mean it’s out of luck.” He continues, “There may be funds that are rolled out in terms of programs for this year that we can apply to. As soon as those come out, I will jostle to be at the front of the line.” Nelson Star