Seneca faculty union “outraged” as college cuts partial-load faculty

October 23, 2014

The Toronto Star reports that members of the faculty union at Seneca College were “outraged” to learn of plans to replace 140 unionized partial-load positions at the college with non-union jobs. Seneca’s VP Academic Joy McKinnon told the Star that the cost savings “were not the primary driver”; rather, the move was made in order to cut back on a high number of class hours offered for some courses. “Quite frankly we were concerned it was too much work for students so we’ve reduced the number of [class] hours to be normalized with other colleges,” she said. McKinnon also said that Seneca has agreed to create 28 new full-time faculty jobs in the next 2 years, the result of a union grievance settlement. She said that the additional full-time positions mean less need for contract faculty. Jonathan Singer, President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union at Seneca, said, “it’s distressing for our members; they’re outraged at this treatment and I know many excellent faculty will not be able to return because they can’t afford to live on so few hours.” Toronto Star