Seneca SMA focuses on flexible learning options and innovative approaches to teaching

September 11, 2014

The strategic mandate agreement (SMA) signed between Seneca College and Ontario identifies the college’s built-in transfer pathways, flexible programs, and innovative teaching and learning as its key areas of differentiation. The SMA notes that Seneca supports economic development through its applied research centres in areas including open technology, aviation, big data and business analytics, and creative thinking. The college also provides a variety of graduate certificate programs to meet labour market demands, and its Building Environmental Systems program is identified as a standard for building operator certification in Canada. The SMA notes Seneca’s strong history of experiential learning, its support for multiple entry and exit points for students, and its extensive online and continuing education programs. Its cross-cultural and international experience programs are also identified as strengths. The SMA identifies 5 proposed program areas for growth: media, fashion, and design; business management and marketing; community health and wellness; chemical/biological sciences; and engineering technology. Seneca SMA