"Sense of hope and optimism" at Concordia

October 16, 2012

Concordia University's "culture of contempt" (as highlighted in the External Governance Review Committee [EGRC] report) appears to have been replaced with a culture of respect and hope, reports the Montreal Gazette. Some of the strongest critics of board and administration relations now say there's a new vibe on campus, a sense of improved relations between all different sectors of the university -- instructors, students, employers, and administrators. Some of that optimism stems from the fact Concordia has implemented, or is in the midst of executing, nearly all of the 38 recommendations in the EGRC report. Concordia is choosing not to act on suggestions to update the charter to redefine the university governance structure and to amend the charter to establish an academic senate in its own right, with a proper degree of authority on academic matters. Concordia says it is addressing these matters in other ways without opening the charter. Montreal Gazette