Seven tips for making the most of a virtual conference: Opinion

July 17, 2020

“If you’ve never ‘attended’ a virtual conference before (and sometimes, even if you have), it can be confusing to figure out which set of sessions will be a meaningful and useful fit for you,” writes Thomas J Tobin. Writing from their experience as a seasoned conference organizer, Tobin provides seven ideas to help academics select, engage with, and get the most value out of a virtual conference. Tips include choosing to attend specialized conferences; registering for conferences with smaller numbers of attendees to increase opportunities for networking; clearing your calendar to devote all your attention to the virtual conference; and connecting with other participants during and immediately following the conference. “Get what you can out of the conference while it’s underway, and enlist your institution, colleagues, and loved ones to give you time to take an active role in as many of the live conference events as you can,” concludes Tobin. Chronicle of Higher Ed (International)