Significant number of community college students face homelessness, food insecurity

December 8, 2015

A significant population of community college students in the US is reporting high levels of food and housing insecurity, according to a new study released last Friday. 13% of respondents reported experiencing some form of homelessness while attending community college, and more than 50% reported some level of food insecurity. In a New York Times op-ed about the study’s results, co-authors Sara Goldrick-Rab and Katharine Broton wrote that, “such high rates of food and housing insecurity among hardworking college students indicate that the nation faces a serious crisis.” On Saturday, the New York Times also ran an article reporting on how colleges are financing their growing demands for capital projects by increasing the cost of student meal plans, thus exacerbating students’ challenges with food security. Inside Higher Ed | Report | New York Times (Op-ed) | New York Times (Meal Plan Costs) | Cap Times