Significant restructuring needed to prepare UK students for new labour market realities

January 14, 2015

In an op-ed for The Guardian, UK policy consultant Sonia Sodha calls for substantial restructuring to higher education in order to better equip students for work. Sodha claims that while universities in the UK have pursued substantial growth, they have not adapted to the changing labour market. “Graduates are now responsible for forging their own careers in a fluid market compared with the jobs for life that were the norm a few decades ago and employers are demanding a completely different set of skills,” she writes. She says that universities in the UK should be subject to more scrutiny and regulation, and that prestigious institutions such as Oxford must embrace technology. Moreover, she says that first-year curricula should be standardized to enable young people to study locally for the early portion of their degree before moving on to a specialist institution. She also suggests that professional degrees could be co-delivered and funded by universities and employers, and considers intensive 2-year courses that combine university with other ways of adjusting to adulthood. The Guardian (UK)