SK institutions announces 0% tuition increase for 2020-21 budgets

May 8, 2020

The University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic has announced a 0% increase to tuition and fees for 2020-21 after the school’s operating budget for the year was approved by the Board of Governors. In a statement, URegina explained that the University was able to stave off a tuition increase due to the Government of Saskatchewan, which provided the University with an increase of $1.07M this year, as well higher than anticipated revenue from increased enrolments last year. “It is critical that we remain focused on the future and on our mission to educate students, and provide skilled and successful graduates,” says Sask Polytech President Larry Rosia. “I am happy to share that Saskatchewan Polytechnic will not be increasing tuition during this challenging time.” URegina | Sask Polytech (SK)