SK launches new international education strategy

November 26, 2014

Saskatchewan has launched a new International Education Strategy that aims to increase the number of SK students studying abroad, increase the number of international students studying in SK, and increase the number and value of international research partnerships. The Strategy outlines several initiatives that will be implemented to accomplish these 3 goals, including the foundation of an annual International Future Scholarship to help SK students study business abroad; the re-establishment of a postsecondary international education council to foster collaboration between government, PSE institutions, and industry; and the development of a provincial marketing strategy to promote studying internationally for SK students and to attract international students to SK. “We want our young people to acquire the skills they need to work in a global context and strengthen our province’s cultural business expertise worldwide,” said SK’s Advanced Education Minister Kevin Doherty. “This will help to build relationships with our trading partners, to increase investments and partnerships to keep our provincial economy strong. For the students that return to their home countries, they will become excellent ambassadors of our province.” SK News Release | Regina Leader-Post