Is the skills gap really a communications gap?

November 4, 2014

Canada may not be facing a skills gap so much as a communications gap, says Paul Smith, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Career Educators & Employers (CACEE). Smith points to changes in the approach employers are taking to recruitment as the real culprit. Employers, he suggests, have reduced their participation in on-campus events such as hiring fairs, in-class presentations, and information sessions in favour of online hiring. The shift was a result of the economic downturn, but companies have not adjusted their approach since. The digital approach has created new challenges for job-seekers, as software algorithms often filter out potentially qualified candidates before they ever receive human consideration. As a result, the difference between getting hired or not may just came down to semantics. “What I think it points to is we have a problem, not necessarily with the skills, but with how one describes the skills,” Smith said. Calgary Herald