SLC seeks municipal support for Cornwall campus revitalization project

January 26, 2010

Officials at St. Lawrence College have asked the City of Cornwall to contribute $1 million towards the $14.5-million revitalization project at the college's Cornwall campus. The school and its foundation hope to raise $4.5 million for the project, which received $10 million in government funding. In their pitch to city council Monday night, St. Lawrence officials said the project will result in state-of-the-art learning environments and ensure student success in the future. They also pointed to the "priceless" economic impact of the Cornwall campus -- its staff and students generate an estimated $22 million in annual economic spin-offs. Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

Postscript: Feb 25, 2010
On Monday, the City of Cornwall approved St. Lawrence's request for $1 million in municipal funding to support the $14.5-million revitalization of the college's Cornwall campus. The money will be funded from the tax base over a 10-year period, with $100,000 being contributed annually. A local counties council recently turned down a similar funding request. Cornwall Standard-Freeholder